The Hottest Makeup Trends for 2022

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12 Jul 2022
The Hottest Makeup Trends for 2022

The beauty industry is booming with the makeup stunners we’re all dying to try. The artists don't seem to lack inspo when it comes to adding a new look to our wish list. With every Netflix TV show or another red carpet look, a new trend is being forged, and we’ve got to keep up.

From the Euphoria-inspired craze to Hails' purple shimmer eyeliner—the sky’s the limit for the makeup trends in 2022. We've shortlisted the top looks to try ASAP, so you don’t miss any. 

Current Makeup Trends You Need to Try

Whether you’re a total newb or a makeup enthusiast, there’s a trend for you out there. Although some looks require practice, some will get you the glow in 10-15 mins. Here’re some accessible yet hot makeup trends we’ve been craving for the season.

Blush Draping

Blush draping is having a major comeback. The industry loves a good old trend revival with a little upgrade. One of the most stylish beauty trends of the 80s is en vogue again, and we’re absolutely feeling it. 

The trend is about elevating your face shape with blush. A brand-new lifting technique has come to replace the original blush dab. Now you just need to apply the blush on the cheeks and pull all the way to the temples. 

As an added bonus, blush has become a multi-use product. You’ve probably seen people using it as an eyeshadow, and you should try too. Pamper yourself with as much of the product as you want, as this blush technique is for the bold ones. 


TikTok is pampering us with new hacks and different makeup styles that are absolutely worth trying. The so-called tantouring is among them. The bronzed style is just in time for hot summer days. The essence is to get a natural and effortless look by using the self-tanner as a counter. 

This one is an ideal addition to your warm makeup looks during summer. 

Statement Eye Looks

New eyeliner trends are going absolutely viral among the masses. It’s no secret where all this inspiration is coming from. This season eye makeup is all about being bold, bright, and daring.

Bright eyeshadows are a smashing hit this summer. Feel free to play with colors and elevate different types of makeup looks. Rock Kyle Jenner’s look using the bright yellow eyeshadow and neon-pink eyeliner combo, or find yours.

If you're up for some challenge, grab a felt tip eyeliner and try out the floating eyeliner look. There’s no quicker way to guarantee that va-va-voom effect with your feline eyes. 

Blurred Eyeliners

We still love sharp and clear eyeliner looks, however, a diffused winged eye moment is still among the trendiest options. Smudged eyeliner is easily recreated with several eye makeup products—shadows, eyeliners and pencils. Once you’ve found your product to proceed with, grab the brush and blend it in, striving to make the wing that goes towards your eyebrow. The soft eye look will go with mostly all outfits and boost your confidence.

Face Gems 

While diamonds are a girl's best friend, face gemstones run the close second this season. They are now arguably the trendiest facial accessories you can use to elevate your look. They are mostly used around the eyes to add a touch of glam. All you need is a minimalist eyeliner look and self-adhesive rhinestones.

Lip Contouring

2022 makeup trends are full of iconic comebacks. Lip liner is another one we’re excited to try. It’s all about contouring—defining your lips with a darker shade and blending a few lipsticks to get the look. The good thing is the look is really accessible, and grabbing your fave lip kit should be enough. 

Faux Freckles

2022 is all about freeing the freckles. Faux freckles are among the season’s essentials. As beauty trends are now about looking effortlessly stunning, freckles feel just right for the warm makeup looks. If you’re not naturally gifted, then just create the sunkissed style with your freckle pen. Eyeliner and brow pencil can be a good alternative too. 

Fluffy Brows 

Good news for fluffy laminated brow aficionados—they are not going anywhere any time soon. Makeup trends are shifting more and more towards enhancing our natural beauty. Less-than-full brows now can look thicker and lusher with this fluffy style. The look is quite easy-to-achieve—all you need is a good soap brow and brush. 

Glossy Lips

Makeup trends in 2022 are about low-effort high-impact looks we all can get. High-shine glossy lips are top among them. To kick off the look, you’ll just need to know how to apply lipstick and keep your lip gloss at hand. Go for a soft glow with a touch of shimmer and subtle colors. 

The industry spoils us with stunning yet accessible looks we need to recreate. Every now and then, new trends are coming forth, making sure you’ve plenty of options to express yourself. Even if you’re not a makeup enthusiast, you can find the trends that will elevate your look without any effort.