Jonteblu Wholesale Terms & Conditions

New Wholesale Buyers.

New Wholesale Buyers (“Buyers”) are asked to contact a Jonteblu, LLC. (“Jonteblu”) Representative who will provide you with Jonteblu’s complete Wholesale Product Purchase Agreement and Purchase Order Form. Jonteblu’s Wholesale program is available for retail stores as well as online sales through a Buyer’s owned website.

Purchase Orders and Acceptance. 

Buyer will submit written Purchase Orders to Jonteblu. Each Purchase Order shall specify (i) the quantity of Products being ordered, (ii) prices for the Products, (iii) payment terms granted by Jonteblu, (iv) location at which Goods are to be delivered; and (v) date or Purchase Order.  All Purchase Orders shall be subject to written acceptance by Jonteblu.

Delivery and Shipping.

All Products purchased by Buyer under this Agreement as specified in each Purchase Order shall be suitably packaged for shipment to Buyer at the delivery address specified by Buyer in each Purchase Order. Products will not be shipped until full payment is received. Shipment of Products under this Agreement shall be F.O.B. Jonteblu’s shipping point. Jonteblu may deliver goods using USPS, FedEx, or UPS Ground shipping, based on cost affordability, unless Buyer specifies or requests a quicker mode of shipping.

Inspection and Acceptance of Shipments. 

Buyer has seven (7) calendar days from the date of arrival of the shipment of Products to inspect the Products and has forty-eight (48) hours to notify Jonteblu of any discrepancies in quality or quantity of Products. Buyer will also give Jonteblu a reasonable amount of time in which to cure such discrepancies. If no notification is given to Jonteblu on the shipment, the shipment of Products will be deemed accepted by Buyer.

Changes and Cancellation of Buyer’s Purchase Order(s). 

Buyer may not cancel or change any Purchase Order unless Buyer has obtained Jonteblu’s prior written consent, with at least ten (10) calendar days advance notice before the anticipated shipment date.

Invoices and Payment. 

Jonteblu shall send Buyer invoices via electronic mail (e-mail) for each shipment and Buyer must provide payment before Jonteblu ships the corresponding Purchase Order. Payment can be made through check, ACH payment, or wire transfer.

Retail Pricing. 

Products purchased by Buyer from Jonteblu can only be sold by Buyer at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) as set by Jonteblu. If Buyer wants to sell Products at a discount, Buyer must obtain written approval from Jonteblu.

Web Commerce and Product Images.

Products purchased from or produced by Jonteblu cannot be resold by or through any on-line marketplace, auction or online store, including, but not limited to,, social media sites, etc. Buyer can only sell Jonteblu Products on its own on-line marketplace. Jonteblu shall provide images that Buyer may require for its print and/or online advertisements.

Buyer License.

Buyer must be the the owner, agent, or authorized representative of a currently valid retail business and must provide to Jonteblu a copy of its business license and its resale license and/or state resale permit.

Intellectual Property.

All trademarks, patents, processes or documentation pertaining to Jonteblu and the relevant exploitation rights are the exclusive property of Jonteblu. Buyer has no rights, title, or interest to any Jonteblu trademarks, packaging, or designs of Jonteblu products.

Other Wholesale Conditions.

Jonteblu makes no warranties or representations to Buyer or any other person with respect to the Products. In no event will Jonteblu be liable to Buyer for any lost profits or any other incidental or consequential damages in connection with Jonteblu product claims, the sale of Jonteblu products, or related causes of action.

These Jonteblu Wholesale Terms & Conditions are intended for informational purposes only and is not in itself inclusive of all of Jonteblu’s Wholesale Program’s terms. For the complete Jonteblu Wholesale Product Purchase Agreement, please contact a Jonteblu Representative.