How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner for Beginners: Tips & Tricks

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08 Dec 2021
How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner for Beginners: Tips & Tricks

We've all faced the never-ending struggle of sketching that perfect wings out. While makeup trends change, eyeliner is still all the rage and is an absolute essential to complete your look. 

Lucky for all the beauty aficionados out there, having the ideal lines is a skill rather than a talent—unless you're Ariana with that magic swoop. 

While practice makes perfect, there're some game-changer tricks to rock that mainstream graphic liner look or the classic cat eyes on another Friday night.  

Ahead are some top tips and tricks on how to apply liquid eyeliner like a pro. 

Choosing the Best Liquid Eyeliner for Beginners

The right eyeliner can work wonders for your look, giving the perfect result. Different eye makeup techniques might even require specific makeup products. The variety of shapes, types and colors available can easily overwhelm you. However, the essential part to pay attention to is the liquid eyeliner tips. Liquid eyeliners can be categorized into the following two types:

Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner 

If you're after some dramatic flair in your look, felt tip liquid eyeliner is the best option. The potent and stiff tip is perfect for effortlessly intense and bold lines. Its easy-to-control shape makes the product an ideal choice, especially for beginners. 

In addition to the tip, the tapered shape of the product makes it easy to hold and drawing on the lids. Among other advantages is that it has higher precision and glides effortlessly.


Brush Tip Liquid Eyeliner 

On the other hand, brush tip liquid eyeliner is ideal for thinner lines. This liner, however, has a loose and flexible end that can be a bit of a challenge for beginners. But as soon as you hone your skills, you can easily slay always chick and in-style winged lines. 


Newbies can also rise to the challenge of choosing between liquid and pen eyeliner. While pencil eyeliners can be easier to apply for beginners, liquid eyeliners are always better for intense looks. 


You're good to go once you've chosen the perfect eyeliner for your desired look. 

How to Put on Liquid Eyeliner Step-by-step

Being a newbie or having shaky hands should no more hinder your beauty preferences. If your makeup needs a special defining touch of the eyeliner, then give it a try. While some tips can help you out, you'll need to know the basics as well. Here's where you should kick off:

Step 1: Prepare Your Eyes

Eye premier can be a life-saver if you want your eyeshadow and eyeliner to stick around longer. Preparing your lids with eye premier is equally suitable for both your eyeshadow and lines. 

A small amount of premier can make the application smooth and even. As a bonus, it can prevent your eye makeup from smudging. 

Step 2: Find a Flat Surface to Rest your Elbow

No one wants to have her hand shaking while trying to draw a flawless line. So one of the pro tips is to rest your elbow in front of a mirror—any flat surface will do. Just make sure your hand is steady to keep the balance. Hold your brush flat and start the application.

Another technique that will help you stabilize your hand is keeping your pinky finger on your cheek while applying. You've probably seen this trick in your favourite liquid eyeliner tutorial, as it's among the most common ones. It will also help you look more professional if you're showboating.

Step 3: Start Lining Your Upper Lash

The essential part of your eyeliner journey is that you need to experiment a lot while finding the most effortless technique for you. You can start your line from the midpoint if you still don't have your perfect application process.

Among the basics is that you need your eyeliner tip to be as close to your lash line as possible. 


The final goal should be creating the line in the middle of your lid. You can then move your liner towards the outer corner of your eyelid. Depending on the liquid eyeliner look you desire, you can then decide if you want to extend the line.


A pro tip: always make sure there's no gap between your lashes to make them look fuller.

Step 4: Add the Wing


If your look requires one, then you can pass on sketching the wing. While this can be a bit intimidating for the newbies, you need to start somewhere. And that somewhere better be the outer corner of your eye. Draw the wing from the outer corner using the outside-in technique. 

Step 5: Finalize that Perfect Lines

A cotton swab is the ultimate essential for beginners. Keep one at hand while applying so that you can remove the accidental bumps. Once done, don't forget to elevate your look with mascara. 

Liquid Eyeliner Tips to Try Next

The perfect lines can take time and practice. If you feel like the classic approach isn't right, go for some makeup tricks. Here are the easiest ones:


  • Use the adhesive tape: apply the tape against the lower lash on the outer corner of your eyes. The precise and clean winged eyeliner look is guaranteed. Felt tip liquid eyeliner will be the perfect combination with the tape. In the end, you might even skip the cotton swab part.

  • Always start with the outer corner of your eye: you can then draw the line along the lid and connect the wing. This movement direction is proven to be easier for your hands. 

  • Start with drawing the small dashes/dots. If your hands start shaking once you try to apply the liner, you might struggle with continuous lines. Instead, you can go for small dashes or dots on your eyelid. When you have enough, connect the dots for the complete line. Go for smaller dashes or dots to have thinner lines in the end.

  • Start drawing the line closer to your lashes to avoid any gaps in the first place. Filling in the gaps might result in thicker lines, thus, make sure there's no need to fix anything.

  • Use smudge-proof liquid eyeliner for the ultimate effect. 

Recent years have been pretty fruitful for eyeliner looks. New trends have come forth, and we can't wait to try them all. After all, like Nicki says, "who wants to look simple when you can look stunning". Among the viral ones are:

  • Fishtail eyeliner

  • Negative space graphic eyeliner

  • Timeless cat eyes

  • Double-winged eyeliner

  • Sleek winged eyeliner

  • Styles with Patterns

  • Bold color eyeliner looks

To find the perfect look for you, you'll need to know your eye shape and find the technique that resonates with it. Go the extra mile and find the product that will complete your look. It's of utmost importance to check the ingredients: go for cruelty-free and vegan options. To safely wear your perfect lines, make sure you are not allergic to the products and ingredients you use for your eye makeup. 

Elevate your look with high-quality, easy-to-apply products and never compromise your health for beauty. Nothing boosts confidence like the perfect eyeliner look that completes your makeup.