How to Apply Lipstick: A Step by Step Guide for Beginners

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27 Jun 2022
How to Apply Lipstick: A Step by Step Guide for Beginners

Every makeup enthusiast knows that lipstick is the ultimate game-changer for your glam. Applying the correct technique can help you rock any on-trend look. However, lipstick holds the power to turn heads and spoil your whole makeup at the same time. A simple mistake, and that next-level chick look slips through your fingers.

While defining your lips may seem pretty straightforward, we all know the devil is in the details. That’s why a quick cheat sheet on how to apply lipstick flawlessly will upgrade your makeup game. 

How to Apply Lipstick Professionally


The application can be different depending on the way you want to define your lips. From getting the provoking bee-stung pout to that trendy high-shine finish—they might require different techniques. However, there are some basic guidelines common for all of them. As an added bonus, these steps will prevent smudging and make your lipstick last longer.

Prep Your Lips 

Chapped or dry lips are not a good start if you want that stunning look. Thus, it’s always essential to start with preparation. You can set up the smooth base for lipstick by exfoliating your lips before the application. 

Doing the procedure consistently will help you  fight sore lips. This is especially true for colder seasons when our lips become more vulnerable to hot and cold air transitions. Among other things, exfoliating is ideal to get rid of the dead skin. Exfoliating scrubs also can make your lips an even skin tone. 

DIY lip scrubs are always a good option if you want to mix the ingredients yourself. Among the popular options is the brown sugar, organic honey and coconut oil blend. All you need is to carefully check the ingredients, and proportions, to have your scrub ready. 

Step 1: Use your fingers and apply a lip scrub with gentle circular movements. For better results, you can try applying and massaging scrub on wet lips. It’s always the same with homemade scrubs. Incase of other products check the packaging and see how to exfoliate your lips, if you’re not sure about the usage. 

Hydrate and Moisturize Your Lips

Once you get rid of all dead and dry skin on your lips, use balm to moisturize them. One of the simple yet effective techniques to make your lips look fresh and plumper is hydrating. Both scrubs and hydration, boost blood circulation which over time can make your lips fuller. 

Step 2: Keep your go-to lip balm at hand. Hydrate your lips after exfoliating and every time they feel dry. Forget licking, as salvia evaporates making your lips even drier than before. 

Prime Your Lips

While priming your lips can be optional, it definitely can improve your look. Like any other part of your face, lips do need preparations for a smoother base before applying makeup. This makes the color stay longer without creasing. Lip primer is that one magic item that can prevent any smudges. If you don’t use a lip primer, a small amount of lightweight concealer or even your foundation will do. 

Step 3: Smooth out the base before by gently applying primer, concealer, or foundation over your lips. 

Choose Your Shade 

Choosing the right shade is essential, so you need to make sure you’ve found one before applying. Whether you want ombre for dark skin, or a more natural gloss look, you need to find that ideal tint. There’s an overwhelming variety of lipstick colors to choose from. Finding the right one might require some time and effort, but the results are worth it. The right shade can considerably elevate your look.

Step 4: There are some things to consider like hair color, skin tone, undertone and shape of your lips before choosing the perfect shade. Find the shade and continue putting on your lipstick

Outline Your Lips 

Once your lips are smooth and ready you’ll need to know how to start a lipstick line to define your makeup. It’s no secret that the right lining technique can considerably change your look. The perfect lip liner product that goes with your lipstick and an experienced hand are the most powerful combo. This is why you’ll first need to choose the liner and then add the right amount of glam to your look. 

Step 5: The way you choose to outline your lip depends on the look you want to rock. Still, there are some general tips that usually can work wonders for your lips. Consider enhancing the upper lip rather than the lower. A simple overlined cupid’s bow can be your ultimate tip on how to apply lip liner for fuller lips

There’s also a new trending blending technique you might want to try. In case you want to go for it, get a lip brush and blend the lines inwards.

For a complete color match, you can go with the perfect finish lip kits that combine lip liner and lipsticks you need for your look.

Apply Your Lipstick 

Given the variety of lipstick types, there is no universal application method to use for all of them. If you’re wondering how to apply liquid lipstick you probably can’t use the same technique as for a tubed one. 

The shape, shade and the way you control the lipstick can require different application methods. There are, however, a couple of tips to hello you out. 

Step 6: Start the application from the center of your upper lip then go on swiping the lipstick across the upper lip. You can keep the movement direction from the center towards both corners. Continue until the whole lip is covered. The same can be done on the bottom lip as well.

You can add a gloss or bolt your lips with a tissue depending on the look you’re going for. 

You might also need to clean up the edges if you’re a beginner. Clean and sharp edges also make your lip pop. You might need a couple of brushes at hand—an angled one will do. Using the brush apply a tiny amount of concealer to line the outside of the lips. This tactic adds extra precision to your lips. 

Experimenting and playing with the shades until you find the perfect one, can also hone your makeup skills. Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to makeup. At some point, you might also do the basic steps automatically. 

Flawless lipstick is the ultimate means to boost your confidence for every occasion. From classic, glamorous to effortlessly chic—there’s no limit to the looks you can rock. All you need is a trusted brand and some go-to tips.